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I am Rick Palin the Managing Director of Skyfire Promotions Ltd and Skyfire Interactive. A new year approaches for Firebrand Radio. In fact its year eight and we are launching with a brand new website. So who are we, Let us tell you more

Firebrand Radio is a digital station that aims to support the live music scene by providing air play for new and upcoming artists from a range of Genres.

Reaching 126 Countries, we try to bring presenters of all ages and experience together to ensure that the music that we all love survives for another generation.

With both young presenters and experienced we provide a broad variety which appeals to a wide audience allowing us to be totally inclusive.

If you want your tracks aired on Firebrand, send them over in MP3 format to submissions and our presenters will do the rest. We are always looking for new shows, new presenters and supporters to help drive the Station forwards so if you are interested in getting some experience with a real Radio Station contact the Station Manager (Debbie Adams) and lets see what you have to offer. The team is great to work with and as we grow together the vision for the future is bright, in fact, we burn like a raging fire!

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