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Bob produced and co-hosted a dedicated Blues show on a local access FM radio station from January 2003 until March 2016 and has, in that time, gained many friends in the industry and within his network of listeners. He introduced the term 'Bluesic' to the airwaves and likes to offer a mix of new Bluesic alongside work from the established stars of the genre in every show.

He is not stuck with any particular 'groove' either. Blues music encompasses a wide range of styles from Delta to Blues/Rock and many points in between. As a result he happily veers from one point within the genre to the polar opposite. He also invites listeners to contribute to the show by selecting artists and tracks for his Tracking the Track feature the idea for which came to him some 12 years ago.

Over the years, he has also had World Premieres for new albums from many artists, British and Overseas, who see his show as the right place to introduce their latest releases.

His fundamental aim is to share Bluesic with his listeners, in the style of a mate taking you home from the pub to hear his latest musical acquisition and he likes to think that he does so in an entertaining and fun way.

"I have been married since about 1837 to a lovely lady, and have two grown up daughters and a delightful granddaughter. I live in South Wales but I've also owned property in Brittany since 1989. Currently, I'm spending part of my time renovating a 17th century farmhouse there. This is my third project in Brittany.

My interest in Blues music began in the 1960's - probably via the British Blues Invasion and most notably through the Stones, Yardbirds and, later, Led Zeppelin. Perhaps oddly, I was also a huge fan of David Bowie for most of his career. Blues music has now become a passion rather than a hobby.

I had never even thought of aiming to be a radio DJ until my wife heard an advert on a local FM radio station asking for volunteers to try hosting a show. It seems to have been a successful audition as, until I left the station following a move to the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park in March 2016, I'd been presenting/producing a weekly Blues Show from 2003. As well as always being keen to introduce new musicians' work to our listeners, I sing and play guitar myself and have guested with a number of different bands both in the UK and in France in recent years."

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