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A journey through the wonderful world of progressive rock, as wide as your imagination! Covering anything that fits under the prog 'umbrella', from the 60s through to present day. Symphonic, metal, proto, folk, anything - the only proviso is that it has to be GOOD! The three main areas that we'll be exploring, the 'Golden' age of the '70s, the contemporary prog scene, which is awash with more great bands than many people know about, and thirdly, it's what you could term 'the vaults', the rich seam of bands, mostly from the '70s, who fell through the cracks and never achieved stardom, some of which are being picked up for CD re-release. We'll trawl for hidden gems. Born in 1961, 1970s prog and metal were the soundtrack to my youth, and are still deep within my DNA.

While I will always be rooted in that golden age, the last fifteen years or so have seen a revival in the fortunes of prog rock, it is now as vibrant as at any time since I was a teenager.

I have been immersed in the current scene for some years through my role in The Classic Rock Society, this is an exciting time to be following the music.

The attended my first gig at 14, Deep Purple, in Liverpool, March 1976, the last ever gig for the Coverdale / Bolin line-up. Some start!

If I was asked to choose a favourite album and track, they would be Still Life by Van Der Graaf Generator and Stargazer by Rainbow, respectively

Favourite gig, a three way tie between Sabbath 1977, Marillion 1982, and Pink Floyd at Earl's Court in 1994, but then there's Rainbow with Dio, AC/DC with Bon Scott, not to mention early Judas Priest and Iron Maiden when they were on their way up. Hard choices, but great choices to make!

So come on board each week for something old, something new, but hopefully everything great!

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