Gramie D Gramie Dee
Presenter - The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show
Wednesday 23:00 - 01:00 alternating with the Dead Tapes Show

Gramie is a veteran of the metal scene with many notches to his bullet belt. A musician for (too) many years, Gramie started out playing guitar in the early 80's with his band Wolfbane. When Blaze Bayley's Wolfsbaneappeared on the scene a few years later, the guys had to change their name and so Wolfbane became Blood Money; the first thrash/speed metal band to be signed to infamous NWoBHM label Ebony. Two albums were released during 1986/87 "Red Raw and Bleeding" and "Battlescarred" but the band split late 1987, leaving Gramie in a state of depressive none metal for a few years.

16 years later Gramie reunited with Blood Money drummer Brett Avok (ex Desolation Angels) to form their current band Morgueazm, a horror metal band that combines varying elements of metal, fusing it with a touch of techno and a lot of dark humour. Gramie also has other side projects and solo recordings to his credit and produces and presents The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show.

The Autopsy Report is two hours of extreme metal and classic rock, focusing on unsigned bands alongside their more famous counterparts. Gramie has a mission, and that is to help as many seriously minded musicians as possible by giving them airplay and his fullest support. He doesn't take any bullshit and has no time for (gulp) False Metal So Slipknot beware... the Autopsy Report takes no prisoners.

Gramie has since added Mr Hellwyck to the team to give a bit more variety and to draw on Hellwyck's vast knowledge of music. Hellwyck presents The Dead Tapes, a sister show that alternates with Gramie's.

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