Debbie Adams Debbie Adams
Station Manager

My musical life began not so much with an instrument but with Ballet. That was the beginning. I was bitten by the way sound influenced the way I felt and how I moved.

An opportunity to audition for the Royal Ballet at age 5 was sadly surpassed by the diagnosis of Kidney disease. 41 years and 3 transplants later, I'm still around and it's probably this strong will and tenacity to survive that has put me right where I am.

I have a passion for all music (yes even the really weird and wonderful sometimes floats my boat - Frank Zappa and Goblin Girl springs to mind.) but my love of all loves has to be AOR/Melodic music. This is what gives me a sense of being and lifts me up when things are tough.

Over the last 20 something years I have worked with record labels, promoters, numerous National and International Artists, assisted with and organised my own festivals and now find myself sitting in the front seat of a Radio Station.

Organiser is my middle name and you'll often find me getting involved in all sorts of events because having a day job and being Deputy Chair of a charity is clearly not enough for me. Although not legally qualified, I have spent the last 24 years working for Her Majesty's Courts & Tribunals Service and now the Legal Aid Agency. My experience has taught me a lot about how the music industry works and my job, the importance of making sure everything is covered, even the stuff you don't think will happen. My involvement with community engagement means that I have a good background for engaging the public.

I'm very proud of everyone we have aboard the station right now and we are continually growing. The shows we have are awesome and our presenters work extremely hard to make sure their material is interesting and accurate for all our listeners.

Anybody who would like to get involved with the station please feel free to contact me directly and I promise it will be me personally who responds to you. One thing we believe in here at Firebrand is honesty and our team is one of the best around for promoting new music right now. email me

Tune in and find out what you're missing. I'd love to hear from you!